Foundation Phase 9.00am - 12 mid-day 1.15pm - 3.20 pm
Key Stage 2 8.50am - 12.15pm    1.15pm - 3.20 pm 



We have snack time every moring where your child is able to buy a piece of fruit for 20p at the School Tuck Shop. Alternatively your child may bring a piece of fruit with him/her to school.



Year 5 and 6 Class pupils (Miss C Wilkins' class) will be undertaking P.E. activities on Monday and  Thursday. Your child will need suitable clothing to undertake these activities, e.g. shorts, T-shirt & plimsolls, etc. 

Monday - Games lesson
Thursday - Swimming lesson



Please can you make sure all of your child's school uniform is labelled with his/her name. 




Literacy and Numeracy Homework is set twice a week.

Tuesday - Maths


Friday - Language and Spelling


Daily - Reading 

The children participate in Guided Reading Sessions through the week, and we encourage the pupils to read at home with an adult on a daily basis. We also encourage parents to write comments in the reading record books when your child has read.

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s work and/or wellbeing at school please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you 

Miss Carys Wilkins


Spring Term

Our theme for this term is 'The Mad Scientists.'

We will be looking at:

- break-through medicines and who invented these

- history of famous potions

- 'silly potions' and experimenting with these

- famous people in medical research

- artist that design and make clay pieces

- electricity, circuits, batteries and switches

- how light travels and how it can be used



Autumn Term

Our theme for this half term is the 'Blitz'.


Unknown 1

The children will research and learn about WW2. We will be looking at: 

*Timeline of events

*Influencial people

*Swansea Blitz 

*Evacuees, food rationing, blackout etc


We will also be visting the Swansea 1940's Museum at the end of October. 


Carmarthenshire Peripatetic Music Tour 

On Thursday 14th of September, Year 5 and 6 pupils were invited to attend a concert put together by the Carmarthenshire Peripatetic at the Lesiure Centre in Newcastle Emlyn . The children enjoyed listening to a collaboration of songs under the theme 'Animation'.


IMG 1850 1 IMG 1849 

Guest Speaker - Dai Hopkins Jones

This morning (Thursday 26th October) year 5 and 6 had the opportunity to ask questions about WW2 and the evacuation process to Dai who was evacuated during his early years. The children thoroughly enjoyed meeting Dai and being able to ask about his experiences and we are very grateful to him for coming. 

IMG 1334IMG 1335

Educational Visit - 1940s War Museum, Swansea Bay

On Friday 27th October we visited the 1940s War Museum in Swansea Bay for an educational visit. The children visited a 1940's street, experienced an Anderson shelter, dressed up and ended the visit with a quiz. 

Here are some photos of the children enjoying themselves;

IMG 1339 IMG 1340 IMG 1345 IMG 1352 IMG 1356 IMG 1358

IMG 1361 IMG 1363

IMG 1366 IMG 1377

IMG 1381 IMG 1386

IMG 1375IMG 1373

IMG 1369

 Today the children have been participating in science experiments on friction. Here are some photographs:


IMG 0032IMG 0031IMG 0033

IMG 0034IMG 0037IMG 0039

PC Hannah's Visit

This morning (14.12.17) year 5 pupils had a lesson on Anti-Social Behaviour and year 6 pupils had a lesson on Drugs that was delivered by PC Hannah.

IMG 0065IMG 0061

IMG 0060IMG 0057